House Of Manji had humble beginnings as a bakery in Ngara manufacturing bread. The business flourished for quite sometime until wheat rationing during world war two and prolification of similar businesses made business more and more difficult to run and the founder saw a niche in the market for biscuits and thus House Of Manji was born.

1954 – 2001

The House Of Manji factory was set up at Industrial Area, Nairobi and was officially inaugurated by none other than the governor of Kenya Sir Evelyn Baring during a colorful and extravagant ceremony with an attendance of more than 2000 guests. Some of our products still bear the name ‘Baring’ in his honor.

Manji grew in leaps and bounds to become a household name greatly enjoyed in Kenya and the East African region. The “Family” and “Marie” biscuits went on to win the prestigious La Monde selection gold medal awards in Brussels, Belgium.

Manji also produced “Fambiks” biscuits for the United Nations sponsered relief effort in Central Africa and for many years also supplied the armed forces with service biscuits for their combo rations.

2001 – to date

The brand name "House Of Manji" never ceased to be. Under the new proprietors Manji Food Industries Limited who took over the mantle from November 2002 under the chairmanship of Dr. H. P. Dawda the company regained its prominent position.

Manji Food Industries has increased brand presence in the market with the introduction of new products that are manufactured for every pocket while maintaining the essential quality that has stood the test of time.